Posted by: kualalumpur2u | October 1, 2008

Hari Raya Open House 2008

Want to soak yourself in a festive mood? Head to one of these open houses. Here’s wishing all muslims “Selamat Hari Raya”

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 11, 2008

Have I Missed My Flight?

It is usually a nerve-wrecking experience especially when you need to rush to the airport for your early morning flight or experience a delay which causes you to arrive late to your destination. I’ve experienced that before and it wasn’t a nice one. How I wished there were more affordable hotels within the vicinity of the airports so that I could stay overnight and need not wake up too early to catch my flight!

It was very heartening to note that 8 airport hotels were located nearby the Sydney airport which is one of the busiest airports in the world, flying to many destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore etc. What I like most about Sydney airport hotels is that they offer you last minute discounts as well as bookings up to a year in advance! Best of all is that the Melbourne airport hotels, Brisbane airport hotels and the Auckland airport hotels also offer the same great deals!

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 10, 2008

Now Everyone Can Fly To Singapore


Low cost carrier AirAsia  will start their inaugural flight to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur with two daily flights beginning February 1 this year.To celebrate the opening up of this route to AirAsia,30,000 free seats to its guests. The free seats will be made available from Janary 10 from 12 pm to January 13 for travel period from Feb 1 to Oct 25 2008.

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 10, 2008

Fast and easy way to call home

You are travelling halfway around the globe and the first thing you want to do is call your friends or even your loved ones to tell them where you are. E-mails would take a longer time to reach so I would prefer to get international calling cards to phone back. They are great for people who do not want to go overboard with their budget. They come in the prepaid format , giving you the pinless dialling option and you can even buy just 40 minutes of talk time! If you run out of credit, the cards give you the option to reload.

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 9, 2008

I want my ang pow…


With Christmas and the New Year celebrations barely over, shopping complexes throughout Malaysia have started decorating their malls with a Chinese New Year look, complete with plastic cherry blossom flowers etc. The shopping malls have been “invaded” with rats too 🙂 This is because, the Chinese will be celebrating the Year of the Rat in 2008! You can find practically everything with the “rat” animal sign e.g. cushion covers, ang pows etc. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Chinese New Year would definitely be the “reunion steamboat dinner” and the ang pows of course.

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 8, 2008

Pain-free way to download website

Sometimes, there are interesting bits of news or information that catches my fancy. The first thing that comes into my mind is to download it. website download is not a difficult thing to do but most of the time, when we press the download button, not everything is saved! It is usually the text on the website that is saved so you don’t really get to see the real website offline. It is definitely not appealing to me as I can’t see the entire website! Imagine! I am sure that if we can just save the entire website in three simple clicks and then browse it later, that would be fantabulous!


Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 8, 2008

Eye On Malaysia Extended!

Guess what! For those of you out there who missed the opportunity to ride on the gigantic ferris wheel “Eye On Malaysia” in 2007 will STILL be able to do so as the rides have been extended until 31st August 2008. It is definitely a must for people who want to experience a breathtaking 360 degrees panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur city! This unforgettable ride reaches a height of 60 metres and offers a maginificient view of over 20 km of the city. Something that you shouldn’t miss!

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 8, 2008

Messy Passwords

I guess that this is one of the most prevalent problems that occur to us sometime in our lives! The inability to remember the passwords that we have painstakingly created! Most of the time, it means that you can kiss goodbye to whatever that you have created, be it an Excel, Access or even a Word password protected document! However, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope at all! Excel password recovery is now possible with a special program that has the ability to recover your passwords. By using some hacking methods : “ethical hacking” to retrieve whatever that you have saved is definitely a live-saver to anyone who is forgetful!

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 8, 2008

Public Holidays In 2008

Here’s a list of Malaysia’s Public Holidays in 2008 to help you plan you vacations in advance 🙂

New Year 2008 1 January
Awal Muharram 10 January
Chinese New Year 7 & 8 February
Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday 20 March
Labour Day 1 May
Wesak Day 19 May
Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s Birthday 7 June
National Day 31 August
Hari Raya Puasa 1 & 2 October
Deepavali 27 October
Hari Raya Haji 1428H 8 & 9 December
Christmas Day 25 December

Posted by: kualalumpur2u | January 8, 2008

Safer Way To Surf The Net

Is it possible? A safer way to surf the Net? Nowadays, people (including myself) surf
the Net not only to check emails but also to do online booking for air tickets,
hotel accommodations etc. It is therefore very important to make our transactions
secure. However, we are also vulnerable to attacks by hackers especially if they are
able to trace our IP address. While surfing the Net that day, I stumbled upon
an interesting software that can hide IP address in a jiffy! With just a
click (after installing to my PC), I can be invisible on the Net! It’s also a plus as I can
also load the program to my USB key and use it practically anywhere I want!


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